Tuesday 10th October 2017

Babesiosis confirmed in an untraveled dog

There has been a case of babesiosis confirmed in an untraveled dog in Milton Keynes. This is the third late summer/Autumn running where untraveled cases have occurred in the vicinity of the Deramacentor focus in a field in Harlow, but like the Romford cases last year, it is currently unknown if this case originated in Harlow or represents further spread of the parasite to a new focus outside of Essex. Either way, it demonstrates that Babesia is still very much a concern in this region, including counties adjoining Essex. Owners and Vets should be vigilant for signs of IMHA including "coffee ground urine", pale mucus membranes, lethargy and collapse. Babesiosis should be considered a differential in these cases for early diagnosis. Tick preventative treatments should also be advised for dogs visiting green space in these counties as well as checking every 24 hours for ticks, removing ticks found and sending decorated ticks for identification at the tick surveillance scheme https://www.gov.uk/guidance/tick-surveillance-scheme

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