Hydatid disease in British sheep

The Farmers Weekly with the support of ESCCAP UK & Ireland, has published an article helping to raise awareness of the re-emerging risk of hydatid among British farmers, especially in Wales https://www.fwi.co.uk/livestock/health-welfare/livestock-diseases/parasitic-diseases/hydatid-disease-in-sheep-what-it-is-and-how-to-prevent-it
Tuesday 23rd July 2019

ESCCAP UK & Ireland hydatid meeting

Thanks to everyone who attended and contributed to the ESCCAP UK & Ireland hydatid meeting in Wales last week. Special thanks to Arjen Brouwer and Marisol Collins for speaking. Arjen has been involved in gathering vital abattoir trace back data and Marisol is currently completing the Hydata project which will give essential UK distribution...
Friday 28th June 2019

Peru project with Surrey Vet school

There is an opportunity at Surrey Vet school for early UK researchers to participate on a project in Peru on cystic echinococcosis. This zoonosis is of tremendous public health significance both in Peru and in the UK. Anyone interested should visit the website at https://www.cecontrolperuworkshops.
Friday 6th July 2018