Lyme disease

Lyme disease is the news again highlighting the risks of infection to pet owners and the wider public. Hany Elsheikha ...
Wednesday 12th October 2016

The Big Tick Survey results

The Big Tick Survey results have been publicised and released in the media as part of tick awareness month These results demonstrate the large numbers of ticks that dogs are being exposed to and are ...
Friday 2nd September 2016

The MSD big tick project results

The MSD big tick project results are out! While Lyme disease prevalence in Ixodes ticks does not appear to have increased much in the past five years (the study found a prevalence in ticks of 2.7%), overall tick numbers have increased, suggesting that the increase in human Lyme disease ...
Tuesday 5th July 2016

BARC project

19/05/16. Jo Cable and the BARC project have posted an excellent article on how to keep yourself and your dog safe from Lyme disease and babesiosis It highlights that with a few simple steps, the risks of tick borne disease transmission can be significantly reduced....
Thursday 19th May 2016

Kirkham Scouts

A big thank you to 2nd Kirkham Scouts for inviting ESCCAP UK & Ireland to speak on keeping scouts and their pets safe from Lyme disease. We have donated tick removers to the group as they prepare to enjoy the countryside this spring and summer. The ...
Saturday 14th May 2016

Ian Wright on BBC News

ESCCAP UK & Ireland's Ian Wright appearance on the BBC News channel to discuss ticks.
Friday 29th April 2016