Student Summer Research Awards

poster presentation by Cormac Power, on his project on "Prevalence of gastrointestinal and cardio-respiratory parasites in stray dogs & cats in Ireland" that was funded by ESCCAP UK & Ireland. Of particular note from the results of the study was the high prevalence of Toxocara cati (32%) compared to T.canis (6%), adding to evidence that cats, particularly stray cats are significant contributors of Toxocara ova in the environment with zoonotic potential. Aelurostrongylus was also found in the stray cat population, suggesting it is endemic with the potential for domestic cat exposure.
Tuesday 3rd October 2017

Highlighting the problem of dog fouling

ESCCAP UK & Ireland is supporting Bristol University in its poo patrol big spray day to highlight the problem of dog fouling. While many approaches have been tried to reduce dog fouling, the solution is likely to reside in increased social cohesion and publicity to make dog fouling socially unacceptable...
Monday 22nd May 2017

Toxocara cati infection in UK owned but untreated cats

A recent paper published by JSAP on line early view showed 26% prevalence of patent Toxocara cati infection in UK owned but untreated cats. This adds to a growing body of evidence suggesting that cats are major contributors to Toxocara ova environmental contamination...
Wednesday 1st June 2016

Anti dog fouling campaigns

ESCCAP UK & Ireland is looking forward to working with Cork city council and Barking and Dagenham, in addition to Denbighshire and Guilford  to help promote their anti dog fouling campaigns. In reducing dog fouling, we can help to reduce Toxocara environmental contamination, in combination with promoting regular deworming of dogs and cats.
Saturday 16th April 2016