Friday 26th March 2021

Statement of principal on the use of parasiticides

ESCCAP UK & Ireland is committed to risk-based and sustainable use of parasiticides, which should always be used in a manner that optimises the benefits to animal health and welfare, human health and the environment following One Health principles. A risk-based approach should be used to assess the parasite prevention needs of individual pets using geographic, lifestyle and household factors where this information is available. Risk-based application may, in some circumstances, require long-term prophylactic treatment, where risk is known to be high. Routine diagnostic testing is vital in practice to both assess the efficacy of parasite prevention plans and to generate data on which a risk-based approach can be based. ESCCAP UK & Ireland continues to evolve its parasite control advice as new data becomes available. We also reiterate the need for pet owners to follow prescribing and product datasheet advice.