Entomology Summer Course

Long standing friend and colleague to ESCCAP, Richard Birtles is involved in this wonderful looking summer course in Toulouse. For anybody who wants to learn more about the wonderful world of arthropods and have a trip to France, please visit the website https://entomologysummercourse.
Tuesday 5th April 2022

Launch of UPAW to support families and pets in Ukraine

The Dogs Trust alongside other animal welfare organisations, are launching UPAW (Ukrainian Pet Association Worldwide) to provide urgent support to families and their faithful companions in Ukraine. UPAW will be supporting the dogs and their owners on the ground...
Wednesday 23rd March 2022

Collaboration with the APHA

We are collaborating with the APHA to provide a free service for the identification and surveillance of three exotic parasites in UK dogs. The eye worm Thelazia callipaeda, skin worm Dirofilaria repens and the nasal pentastomid Linguatula serrata are zoonoses with the potential to establish in the UK.
Thursday 3rd March 2022

Statement of principal on the import of rescue dogs from abroad

ESCCAP UK & Ireland does not support importation where pets can be rehomed in the country of origin.  Where importation is occurring, ESCCAP UK & Ireland works with charities to improve screening prior to importation and to raise awareness of associated issues.  ESCCAP UK...
Thursday 27th January 2022

Responsible use of parasiticides for cats and dogs

In response to the BVA, BSAVA and BVZS policy position on responsible use of parasiticides for cats and dogs, ESCCAP UK & Ireland would like to make the following points. 1. We support the need for increased client education on the use of parasiticides, a risk based approach and the need for more research.
Tuesday 9th November 2021

Routine screening of imported dogs for parasites

We are often asked about routine screening for parasites in imported dogs, and which tests we would recommend. The new pet travel and importation guideline from ESCCAP will be launched in the next 12 months but in the meantime for dogs imported into the UK we would recommend the following tests.
Monday 5th July 2021