Parasite Champion Awards

ESCCAP UK and Ireland aim to provide veterinary and animal care professionals along with pet owners, the information and tools they need to effectively protect companion animals from parasitic threats in the UK and Ireland. Are you a veterinary professional who has implemented, or would like to implement...
Thursday 11th January 2024

Great Pet Travel Survey 2023

We are running the Great Pet Travel Survey again for 2023 to keep updated with where UK pet owners are travelling with their pets. The aim is to bridge the gap in knowledge of where the popular travel destinations are for UK pet owners, enabling us to focus on hotspots of potential exotic parasite transmission to UK pets.
Monday 20th November 2023

PhD Research

A PhD opportunity is currently available through the School of Biological Sciences at Queen's University Belfast. Social change for health and prosperity through control of zoonotic disease in citiesSupervised by Prof E Morgan and Prof M Mooney.
Friday 7th July 2023

Undergraduate Research Grants available

We are offering Summer Research Studentships (SRS’s) which will be funded by ESCCAP UK & Ireland during the summer each year. These studentships are intended to support undergraduate veterinary students to expand their educational experience by developing research skills in parasitology.
Wednesday 1st February 2023

Which treatments would you choose for dog lungworm and why?

The University of Nottingham and our very own Hany Elsheikha are investigating why fenbendazole is still prescribed as a treatment for A.vasorum lungworm infection when there are licensed alternatives available. For more information, please visit
Tuesday 17th May 2022

Exotic worms and worm-like parasites, and surveillance in the UK

There is new CPD available discussing exotic worm and worm liker parasites and the free service APHA and ESCCAP UK & Ireland is providing to identify and map these zoonotic parasites.
Friday 13th May 2022