Clarification regarding availability of treatments for babesiosis

In response to ESCCAP UK & Ireland asking for clarification regarding availability of treatments for babesiosis in the light of the recent outbreak in Essex, the VMD have posted an article outlining the current situation. Treatments for babesiosis in dogs: Availability of treatments for babesiosis in dogs including importation; ...
Friday 13th May 2016

Ian Wright on BBC News

ESCCAP UK & Ireland's Ian Wright appearance on the BBC News channel to discuss ticks.
Friday 29th April 2016

Tick borne diseases

Tick borne diseases continue to be in the news with concern that they may be spread by bank holiday travel.
Friday 29th April 2016

Lyme Disease a Ticking Time Bomb

Hany Elsheikha has published an interesting article on Lyme disease This disease continues to receive media attention so Vet practices are likely to receive queries from worried pet owners.
Thursday 28th April 2016

Tick identification - ESCCAP

UK & Ireland have received a number of queries regarding where to send ticks for identification. They may be sent to Prof. Cutler who is investigating vector borne pathogens in the UK at. Sally J. Cutler Professor of Medical Microbiology, School of Health, Sport & Bioscience, University of East London, Water Lane, Stratford, London.
Saturday 16th April 2016

Anti dog fouling campaigns

ESCCAP UK & Ireland is looking forward to working with Cork city council and Barking and Dagenham, in addition to Denbighshire and Guilford  to help promote their anti dog fouling campaigns. In reducing dog fouling, we can help to reduce Toxocara environmental contamination, in combination with promoting regular deworming of dogs and cats.
Saturday 16th April 2016