Babesiosis confirmed in an untraveled dog

There has been a case of babesiosis confirmed in an untraveled dog in Milton Keynes. This is the third late summer/Autumn running where untraveled cases have occurred in the vicinity of the Deramacentor focus in a field in Harlow...
Tuesday 10th October 2017

Student Summer Research Awards

poster presentation by Cormac Power, on his project on "Prevalence of gastrointestinal and cardio-respiratory parasites in stray dogs & cats in Ireland" that was funded by ESCCAP UK & Ireland. Of particular note from the results of the study was the high prevalence of Toxocara cati (32%) compared to T.canis (6%), adding to evidence that cats, particularly stray cats are significant contributors of Toxocara ova in the environment with zoonotic potential. Aelurostrongylus was also found in the stray cat population, suggesting it is endemic with the potential for domestic cat exposure.
Tuesday 3rd October 2017

Updated Bristol Tick ID website launched

The University of Bristol tick ID website has now been updated in association with ESCCAP UK & Ireland This is a fantastic resource to aid with tick identification which is so vital both for tick surveillance and to help establish which tick-borne diseases pets...
Sunday 10th September 2017

Four pillars advice for imported pets and deworming frequency summary launched

Two new downloads are now available on the ESCCAP UK & Ireland resources page. The "Deworming frequency" page offers a summary of factors to consider when deciding which worms to treat cats and dogs for in the UK and how often.
Tuesday 5th September 2017

The big tick project

The big tick project and Matt Dawson are doing excellent work with the media to promote the risks of human tick exposure and Lyme disease
Monday 21st August 2017

Parasite Forecast: Issue 2

The second edition of ESCCAP UK & Ireland's quarterly Parasite Forecasts is now available to download. This edition outlines the changing parasite activity over the past three months and forecasts which parasites may present an increased risk in the subsequent three months. Also included: An analysis of the topics which ESCCAP UK...
Tuesday 11th July 2017