Doberman Collie
27 Jul 21 1:11pm

Travelling to France with a dog

What treatments are needed or advised before travelling to France with a dog?

Doberman Collie
27 Jul 21 1:16pm

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Just to clarify, this is for travelling to Brittany.

ESCCAP UK & Ireland
28 Jul 21 12:45pm

Worms and ticks

Protection against heartworms, lungworms and ticks would be a good idea. Please consult your own veterinary professional at least one month before you travel. Treatment will vary depending on the age, health, breed, previous travel history and past vaccination record of your dog. Your veterinary professional will prescribe the appropriate products containing the necessary active ingredients for treatment prior to travel, during travel if necessary and upon your return.

11 Aug 21 4:52pm


Also worth considering licensed fly repellents for Leishmania prevention if travelling to the South of France.