Collaboration with the APHA

Thursday 3rd March 2022
Collaboration with the APHA

We are collaborating with the APHA to provide a free service for the identification and surveillance of three exotic parasites in UK dogs.

The eye worm Thelazia callipaeda, skin worm Dirofilaria repens and the nasal pentastomid Linguatula serrata are zoonoses with the potential to establish in the UK.  Their diagnosis relies primarily on identification of adult parasites found on clinical examination, which is vital to improve prognostic outcomes in infected dogs and to minimise the risk of UK establishment.

APHA will carry out free of charge, morphological identification of suspected cases of T. callipaeda, D. repens and L. serrata seen in veterinary practices in England and Wales.

We encourage veterinary practices to submit any samples that may be one of these parasites to APHA for identification. Samples should be posted to the APHA Carmarthen Veterinary Investigation Centre. Sample submissions must be accompanied by full clinical history to qualify for free testing. Further, information on how to submit them can be found here