Friday 7th July 2023
PhD Research

A PhD opportunity is currently available through the School of Biological Sciences at Queen's University Belfast.

Social change for health and prosperity through control of zoonotic disease in cities
Supervised by Prof E Morgan and Prof M Mooney

The project will consider the health risks to people from zoonotic parasites of pets, such as Toxocara roundworms in dogs, and how they are reduced by antiparasitic treatment and control of dog fouling. It will involve longitudinal parasitological data collection from dog populations and their environments. Understanding the role of pets in the epidemiology of zoonoses will support targeted, evidence-based interventions and favourable trade-offs with any negative impacts of antiparasitic treatments. Outcomes will be co-produced with partners ESCCAP UK & Ireland and seek to positively influence behaviour for improved public and planetary health.

Deadline for applications: 31 July 2023.  Further details can be found at