Pet Travel Survey

Tuesday 24th October 2017
ESCCAP UK & Ireland News Item

The pet travel survey carried out by parasitologists at Bristol and Belfast Universities is almost complete. If you have taken your pet abroad please fill out the survey at this link and share it with clients and colleagues.

This data will provide vital insight into where people are taking their pets abroad and for how long. The plan is then to compare this data with parasite distributions across Europe to establish which pet owner demographics are at greatest risk, and the parasites they are most likely to be exposed to.

The prevalence of gastrointestinal and cardio-respiratory parasites in stray dogs and cats in Ireland

Cormac PowerIn September over 130 students, including 16 from the School of Veterinary Medicine, University College Dublin, presented their summer research posters as part of the Student Summer Research Awards. Included in this was a poster presentation by Cormac Power, on his project on "Prevalence of gastrointestinal and cardio-respiratory parasites in stray dogs & cats in Ireland" that was funded by ESCCAP UK & Ireland.

Of particular note from the results of the study was the high prevalence of Toxocara cati (32%) compared to T.canis (6%), adding to evidence that cats, particularly stray cats are significant contributors of Toxocara ova in the environment with zoonotic potential. Aelurostrongylus was also found in the stray cat population, suggesting it is endemic with the potential for domestic cat exposure.