Liver condemnations

ESCCAP UK & Ireland News Item
- 960 lambs from the Isle of Wight over the last 3 months had at least 5% liver condemnations from each load (of approx 100 lambs) and in the worst case 25% of livers condemned due to cysts from the tapeworm Taenia hydatigena. This is reflective of the whole UK which saw the FSA record 548,000 liver condemnations in 2015.
Sunday 23rd April 2017

The risks of Echinococcus granulosus

ESCCAP UK & Ireland News Item
The risks of Echinococcus granulosus spreading across the UK via abattoirs and possibly entering dog populations outside of its Welsh heartlands were recently emphasised at the VHPA conference Deworming of dogs every 4-6 weeks in known endemic areas remains vital to reduce zoonotic risk...
Saturday 22nd April 2017

Great Pet Travel Survey 2017

ESCCAP UK & Ireland News Item Eric Morgan and the University of Bristol are doing important survey work to find out where UK pet owners are travelling abroad with their pets and for how long ...
Friday 14th April 2017

Lungworm infection in dogs

ESCCAP UK & Ireland News Item
Lungworm (Angiostrongylus vasorum) infection in dogs: reliable information to help practitioners.Veterinary Prescriber, the leading source of independent information on veterinary medicines, has published a module giving a concise and impartial presentation of the facts about lungworm (Angiostrongylus vasorum) infection in dogs.
Wednesday 22nd February 2017


ESCCAP UK & Ireland News Item
- ESCCAP UK & Ireland presented at A parliamentary reception organised by Robert Buckland MP, Huw Edwards and Improve International which has led to an early day motion being tabled at the house of commons.
Tuesday 31st January 2017

Lyme Disease News

ESCCAP UK & Ireland News Item
Michael Lappin and Simon Tappin gave and excellent BSAVA lecture on Lyme disease in the US and UK. While we are not seeing the volume of cases in UK dogs that are seen in the US, the number of human cases in the UK are going up. We also know that UK dogs are being exposed to borrelia infected ticks.
Sunday 1st January 2017