Species of Dermacentor are generally medium sized ticks ranging from 4-5mm in length when unfed.  Article ii of the palps are generally broad and the basis capituli has straight lateral margins.


Other features present in Dermacentor include:

  • Ornamental scutum/conscutum
  • Eyes present
  • Festoons present
  • Coxae IV in males are very large
  • Coxae I have very large, equal, paired spurs

There are two possible species covered by this site:


Article iii of palps with prominent rear-facing spur; coxa I with large, equal, paired internal and external spur

Article iii diagram

Dermacentor reticulatus

Palp without spur; spurs on coxa I relatively short and divergent

Dermacentor diagram

Dermacentor marginatus