Species of Haemaphysalis tend be relatively small, averaging around 3mm in length when unfed.  The most obvious characteristic of Haemaphysalis is the broad triangular shape of article ii of the palps, however this feature is not present in Haemaphysalis inermis.

Other features present in Haemaphysalis include:

  • No ornamentation
  • Eyes absent
  • Festoons present
  • Coxae I has a single internal spur



1a.)  Palps bulky: article ii projects beyond lateral margin of basis


1b.)  Palps without lateral projections: article ii is no wider that the basis

Haemaphysalis inermis

2a.)  Internal spur of coxa I longer than those of coxae II-IV

Haemaphysalis concinna

2b.)  Internal spur of coxa IV longer than others

Haemaphysalis punctata