Species of Hyalomma tend to be relatively large, ranging between 5-6mm in length when unfed.  In general the gnathosoma of Hyalomma tends to be very large with article ii longer than i and iii of the palps.

Other features of Hyalomma include:

  • Slender legs with rings
  • eyes present
  • festoons present
  • Coxae I have large, equal and paired spurs



1a.)  Legs dark in colour and lacking banding pattern

Hyalomma aegyptium

1b.)  Legs slender with pale bands


2a.)  Porose areas large; diameter is equal to the length of the basis capituli

Hyalomma marginatum                 

2b.)  Porose areas small; diameter is is or less than half the length of the basis capituli

Hyalomma anatolicum excavatum